Chatth puja

 Chatth puja,the practice of worshipping rising and setting sun,is very prevelent in Bihar,West bengal and eastern Utter Pradesh.peoples of this region get exited when they get aware that chatth Puja is coming.everyone will be surprise to know that chatth Puja is beyond the caste ,religion,race and varna system,even other religion's follower also celebrate chatth Puja in some parts of west bengal.

it will bring equality and Integrity among people,not only socially but also religiously.It gives birth of a new term religious equality when every religious community worships the same god"surya dev".It also reminds us that religion got started from worshipping natural resources like trees,soil ,land and sun.if we forgot the religious part of the sun ,even then the sun is very useful for us,due to providing us sunlight which leads to different employment generation like agriculture,solar energy plant etc.

So,It is seen that chatth Puja guide us to think rationally about religion and other social inequalities because in chatth ghat,everyone holds at a equal ground irrespective of caste,race religion.

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