Saying someone,"I love you"

Whenever someone says to another one that "I like you".it doesn't mean that one guy is in love with another guy because there is a vast difference between"I like you" & "I love you".first one implies that anyone likes another one's behaviour,face,body,sense of humour etc but the second one implies that someone can take care of you,can involve in your good and bad things etc. 

Love means anyone having tolerance while spending life with anyone.For instance,love for God is called BHAKTI.we can see in our society that everyone follows religion, everyone is practising worship. But if you look yourself from psychological view then you will get  yourself,involved in love or affection with God!

In present society,we see that persons use to say anyone “I LOVE YOU” , without realising that Love demands a lot of  concentration and anyone can not fulfill one's every need.It is seen in history that Fulfilling Love is not easy. One couldn't satisfy anyone's Every needs. The funniest thing is that “People say that they  love  nature but when they have to fulfill,they doesn't qualify.we can see air pollution,water pollution even they don't keep care of garden  themselves,but they keep care by hiring gardener.the limited point is that people should be accountable to what they use to say & should not use words in  exaggerated manner.

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