Knowledge is just like money.whenever we feel that we have more money,the next moment,we again feel that we are relatively poor in comparison to another person.the same rule follows one is omniscient in this,whenever you like to feel that you have more knowledge.

the next moment you should also think that you are relatively poor in knowledge than someone.the moral of this comparison is that no one should feel haughty and should not show arrogance to someone,just for knowledge and vice-versa.If someone lost money then he /she is not able to invest more that will lead to less profit.this also applies to knowledge.

if anyone has lack of knowledge and even after that,he invests that will also lead to less profit because investment also seeks knowledge.profit always demands  money and knowledge both.In absence of one,second will not properly make your status good.there is also need of ethical knowledge which helps in making good results and decision making also that will give you not only money but also improve your status.The massege is ,human shouldn't only try to seek money but also to improve their knowledge. Person, having both, will have  aptitude to become billionaire..!

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