talent without work is nothing.

If anyone have talent but he/she is not using his talent in their professional life then there will be no utility of their talent.as per we know that talent is inherited in everyone by birth.the problem part is that they are not able to identify their talent and as a result,they use to roam around the academic institutions,corporate sectors etc and they remain with the old society having conservative mindset.

In today's world,we can see many person who left their jobs or works that they use to do and started their passion or their choices for which they had made.for example,aacharya prasant,M.S.Dhoni the cricketer,IAS prince luthra who left their job & decided to teach upsc aspirents etc.there are thousands of examples in India who identified their talent.But the inherited talent can not be useful untill you doesn't work on it to get expertise in that.For instance, any person can have good memory power(IQ) but if that person will not use his memory for studying  then there will be a complete wastage of talent.

The another Prospective is,if any person having talent but not using in serving their country and, becomes a terrorist or serving another country by getting their citizenship (Drain of Brain) then that will be a complete waste of talent for their own country or it will discourage government to establish bigger educational institutions or skill development institutions.The idea of the whole discussion is that everybody should IDENTIFY their talent and also use their talent not only at right time but also at RIGHT PLACE.

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