In this world,everyone thinks that he is intelligent and noticing everyone but that's not the actual and real.In the society, everyone looks and understand someone what they have inculcated in their society.It is very obvious that everyone use to predict about another one but they should also believe that there is also limitations of their thinking because no one is omniscient in this world.
we use to see that it is an era of social media in which everyone is spreading social thoughts and a mass of persons following their thoughts without knowing the age and experience of the thought's spreader guy.the greatest fact of the world is that people should accept that they know nothing about any people.
As per "Socrates" said,I know only one thing that I know nothing and knowledge comes from questioning.the more you questions,the more you get knowledgeable and also be wise from the another person.everthing can't be learnt by self experience.people use to get experience by listening other's life stories,anecdotages.So,when anyone use to talk to another that means he want to get more more and more information
About another.
that's why, elderly class use to tell that always talk less because the more you talk,the more you'll get known.So,the conclusive part is that people should not be extrovert to everyone person because it is very tough to trust any person and should be more questionable whenever they want to know about someone.

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