Moment is a term that is always used in daily life ,even we feel every moment of our life.but it has been rarely felt that how important the moment we spended in the past.we have passed through many such moments like funny moments,sad moments,happy moments that made your emotions change.But we don't realise that how much precious that moments which we passed through.
We only realise when moments become our past or we get lonely & use to miss our past moments like chilling with friends ,Eve teasing/Adam teasing with friends,Ragging etc.But all that thing when used to occur with us ,we used to hate it badly.
The good part is life is very small to achieve all good things that means everything use to make us happy and egoistic.So whatever you have,be happy with that & enjoy every moment because nothing is very precious untill you have scarcity of that.
This concept is applicable in all the cases whether it is money or precious materialistic things or person or in case of good memory. The thing we have to learn here is that every thing is precious or everything is cheap or inexpensive because it depends only on the thinking of a person or the society who inculcated the thinking in their mind.

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