As we are growing up,many of our peer group members are getting addicted from many intoxicants like ciggerate, tobacco,weed, marijuana,wine and many more things.many of them knows addiction of such types of substances leads to digestion problem,heart diseases, breathing problems and many other health problems.But it has been seen that addiction dominates over understanding of mind or senses prevail over mind.Why is this so???
It's not only because of addiction but also due to prevailing thinking and Role Model Images.we often watch movie and different webseries,in which we see that different actors having good career or doing good social work,are smoking or boozing that's gives people a positivity about intoxicants.

It is spreaded that in stress,it will act as a stress reliever.Also,there is a mindset that intoxicants like wine or ciggerate,gives person confidence which is obviously a fake confidence.peer groups also insist other in taking intoxicants.In present society,everyone is going through Relative poverty, hypertension and peer pressure which leads to addiction of such products.
If we look into another part of these intoxicants from positive perspective then we see that It contributes in Revenue Receipt as heavy taxes paid on these products.There is also secondary benefits like It causes various diseases which treatment also contributes in revenue.It also provide employment as farmers produce tobacco and at marketing level,employees of tobacco products.reduction in Suicide is also a feature of this because various person, in depression, leading to suicide,terminates their decision by getting addicted to these intoxicants.
But that's doesn't mean that we should consume intoxicants because it also lead to time wasting,accidents and damage of memorizing capacity which contributes to reduction in revenues and also affects the health of the people.If people quit addictionof it then many problems of our society will get eliminated.

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